Your Song:The Podcast

Nigel Williams discovers how the world's greatest songs were written and the songwriters behind them. Hear Artists, Songwriters and Producers reveal the magic that made the music we love.

Episode 1

Guy Chambers and Robbie Williams achieved huge success with their song writing partnership. Songs such as Let Me
Entertain You, Rock DJ, Millennium and of course Angels, cemented Robbie Williams' solo career after his departure from Take That.

Guy studied at the Guildhall School of Music before becoming a member of World Party in the 80s. His meeting with Robbie came via a need to pay his mortgage rather than a glamourous musical partnership, but within minutes of meeting, they wrote their first song.

At this time I was a DJ on a radio station in London. Guy would occasionally call me up and tell me they were both listening while taking a break from writing. To be honest, I wondered what on earth a guy from World Party was doing writing songs with a former member of Take That! The next thing I new, Angels was a huge hit.

With so many people headed to see Robbie Williams on his 25th Anniversary tour, this is a great time to listen to Guy's candid
account of his journey on Your Song: The Podcast.