Nigel Williams

The voice of Nigel Williams has become familiar to many, thanks to an illustrious career in broadcasting. He has presented a wide range of programmes for the BBC and commercial radio.


As a Voice Over Artist Nigel was chosen as the image voice of ITV, providing narratives for promotional trailers and many TV programmes.


In the commercial world Nigel Williams was the voice behind PC World during the long running ‘Where in the world…’ campaign. He also featured on TV spots for Shreddies, Ariel, Intel and Cheerios.


For corporate voiceovers, Nigel’s long career in commercial broadcasting has enabled him to embrace the importance of brand values. Also, his science based education has proved invaluable to clients requiring an understanding of technical specifications.


Globally, Nigel Williams’ voice was identified as ‘universally comprehendible’ for an international audience by the United Nations, which commissioned an extensive series of e-learning packages for its training programme.