Nigel Williams is a professional Voice Over Talent based in London England.

His signature voice-over sound is best described as natural warm British English, but Nigel has the flexibility to deliver a great range of styles and character voices.

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Voice Over Nigel Williams is one of the best British Male Voice Over Talents in the business. Based at his own studio in London UK, Nigel (NJ) provides a fast and reliable internet based service to all clients requiring affordable voice overs from a British English Voice Talent.

Nigel Williams specialises in ad voice overs, live ISDN voice overs, live ipdtl voiceovers, corporate voice overs, documentary voice overs, TV promotions, TVR (telephone voice recordings), TV Promo voice overs movie trailers and e-learning projects.

Nigel's professional voice over career developed from his many radio shows, which have been heard by millions of listeners. His broadcasts have ranged from News & Current Affairs for the BBC to music and magazine productions. His voice has been heard on TV commercials, radio commercials, radio imaging, film trailers and telephone interactive information services. He has also supplied character voice overs for computer games, video game voices and even voice overs for dance music tracks!

Since the London Olympics, the demand for experienced, authoritative British English Voice Over actors has increased greatly. If you are looking for a genuine English accent, a Prince William voice, John Cleese Monty Python style voice, BBC Voice or a gentlemanly voice over, you have come to the right website.

Nigel Williams can bring a global sound to your production, providing a range of styles that will suit all kinds of projects. Make sure you have the right Voice Over guy in place for your product or service.

Whatever your requirements for voice over project, please contact Nigel for a specific and detailed quote. Nigel can supply free custom demos in most circumstances, enabling you to sample the sound before hire. He regularly supplies voice over services to clients around the world. An instant online voice over service for today's market.

e-learning voices are in demand these days. Reliable voice overs that can deliver large amounts of audio edited into files for the customer can be hard to find. Nigel Williams has experience with many international clients who have come to trust and rely on the voice over services provided by Nigel Williams. So if you are producing an e-learning project, contact Voice Over Nigel Williams for a costt effective quote!

Take a look at some of the feedback from Voice Over Nigel Willia ms' voice work and join an ever expanding list of satisfied customers.